Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why I Write and Six Reasons Why You Should Too

For those of you who are writers, I probably don't need to convince you to write... I'm sure you do this already. But, if you don't, you should. And for those of you who may not enjoy writing, I'd still highly recommend you start writing in your spare time. That may be a journal or a note card or maybe you finally put words to paper about a great idea you had once. Whatever it maybe - I implore you to write and I'll tell you why...

||Six reasons why I think you should write||

1. Writing is a release 
There are so many things we've left unsaid. So many times we meant to convey a feeling or idea and then found ourselves too shy or angry or confused to get those feelings out. Writing is a fantastic release for this. For those aspiring to write fiction, the process of writing can release a lot of creativity in a productive way as you work toward the goal of crafting a story. Others can find that writing out emotions can help negate the negative affects of having said something you never meant to or the fond times of re-reading things like the reasons you fell in love with your significant other.

2. Writing stimulates imagination
I look into the distance and all I see is possibility. I see a love story forming, an unlikely hero emerging, or the happy ending to a devastating tale. Not all people think like this, I understand that, but writing can help to foster this type of imagination. If you're more of a practical thinker, writing can help you explore imaginative alternatives to practical ideas.

3. Writing helps create discipline
Sitting down to write in a journal or on a book every day is difficult! A great way to keep yourself accountable is to tell others what you are trying to do. For me, that's announcing to my friends that I am working on a book knowing they will ask me how its going. Per Google, it takes an average of 66 days to from a habit so make sure you stick it out!

4. Writing bridges the gap 
When you take the time to write things down - whether they are emotions or just daily events - you can tend to see them more clearly than if you allow them to stay trapped in your mind. This happens for me with a story. I'll see it in a hazy, undefined plot arc but once I start to write it out the reality of it becomes clear. Also though, I tend to see patterns in my own emotions or though processes when I journal out how I'm feeling. Writing can give clarity to issues and understanding to feelings at times.

5. Writing creates permanence 
I will never forget the beauty of holding the typed pages of my grandmother's story in my hands after she passed away (you can read a tribute post about her here). She has left her legacy not only in my memory, but in my favorite form of experience - her writing! I can think of nothing better to leave those I love than my writing.

6. Writing is fun 
Some of you will probably not (initially at least) agree with me here, but writing can be fun!!! Just think of the power of words on a page. We each have our own unique experiences to lend to our story telling and, though the process can be difficult, the end result (published or not) is something we have created! Laugh at your silly journal entries from a year ago, giggle at your silly character from your novel years back, or smile as you read your own heartfelt words written out of the creativity of your own mind. No matter what you write or who you write it for, make sure you enjoy the process!

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Remember: Don't get caught up in being perfect and do take time to write.

***What about you? Do you enjoy writing? What do you like to write?***

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