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Julianna Deering, Liz Johnson & Tanya Eavenson

Dressed for Death
by Julianna Deering

Published: March 1, 2016
From: Bethany House Publishers
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Drew and Madeline Farthering arrive at a Regency-Era house party at Winteroak House, excited to be reunited with old friends, including Drew’s former Oxford classmate Talbot Cummins. Tal is there with his fiancée, Alice Henley, and though many present seem worried about the couple, nobody is prepared when Alice dies from an apparent overdose. Tal refuses to believe she’d taken the drugs intentionally, and a dark question arises of whether the death is an accident or murder.

The police have their own information though, and Drew is shocked when they arrest someone he’s trusted and admired since his childhood—someone who’s been smuggling drugs into the country for years. Stunned by what has happened, Tal begs Drew to get to the bottom of everything, but Drew’s never felt more unsettled. Questioning his own ability to see people as they really are, Drew doesn’t know who to trust, and he’s not ready for the secrets he’s about to uncover—or the danger he’ll bring down on everyone he holds dear.

Get to know Julianna...

What are the names of your pets?
I have three cats: Elizabeth who is five, Petie who is three, and Eddie (a girl!) who is one. I love them madly, even Eddie who won't stop chewing my pens.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
I have several places I love, but I think York, England is my favorite. It still has its medieval wall around the central part of the city and one of the most glorious cathedrals ever. It's a fascinating place to visit.

What's your favorite chore?
I don't get a chance to do it often enough, and I really, really need to do it now, but I love organizing my things. It's lovely to clear everything out and put it in good order. Sometimes I find things I didn't even know I had. It's like a treasure hunt.

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The Red Door Inn
by Liz Johnson 

Published: March 1, 2016
From: Revell
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Marie Carrington is broke, desperate, and hoping to find sanctuary on Prince Edward Island while decorating a renovated bed-and-breakfast. Seth Sloane moved three thousand miles to help restore his uncle's Victorian B and B--and to forget about the fiancée who broke his heart. He wasn't expecting to have to babysit a woman with a taste for expensive antiques and a bewildering habit of jumping every time he brushes past her.

The only thing Marie and Seth agree on is that getting the Red Door Inn ready to open in just two months will take everything they've got--and they have to find a way to work together. In the process, they may find something infinitely sweeter than they ever imagined on this island of dreams.

Get to know Liz...

If your main character celebrated Halloween, what would they dress up as?
Marie would definitely don a straw hat, pinafore, and long red braids to be Anne Shirley from her favorite book, Anne of Green Gables.

If your book became a movie, who would you cast for your main characters?
Marie would be played by Rachel Bilson (Heart of Dixie). She’s very petite with long, wavy brown hair. And she has just enough spirit to play Marie, who often has a snide comment. And Seth would be played by Jonathan Patrick Moore. He’s tall and dark and broody—and carrying a heavy weight on his shoulders.

What’s your favorite book?
The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare has been my favorite since . . . well, for as long as I can remember. I adore Kit, a free spirit from Barbados, who ends up in a very strict Puritan community in the late 1600s. I think Nat Eaton was my first literary crush.

by Tanya Eavenson

Published: February 11, 2016

From: Clean Reads

Purchase: Restored

Sometimes love arrives when you least expect it.

Dr. Steven Moore is known nationally for saving lives. If only he could save his own. Unable to deal with his cancer prognosis, he retreats to a happier time in his past—to the woman who once stole his heart.

Four years after the death of her beloved husband, bookstore owner Elizabeth Roberts still struggles to sustain her faith and joy in the Lord as she raises her two sons. She strives to find a way through her family's grief, never suspecting a man from her past might offer hope for her future.

But how can there be a future when he's only come to kiss her and says good-bye?

Get to know Tanya...

What’s one thing you must have/do in the morning? 
I. Must. Have. Coffee. =)

If your main characters were animals, what would they be? 
I’d have to say Lions. I’ll never forget this one year we were visiting family in Kentucky and took a trip to the Louisville Zoo. While waiting for family members to join us, I noticed the Lion exhibit and how a male and a female lion seemed drawn to each other. They stood side by side for some time before the female lay at the male’s feet and the male proceeded to lick her face and ear. It was an incredible scene, as if he was claiming and protecting her.

What's one chore you hate doing? 
I love to cook, but hate doing the dishes. However as Agatha Christie said, “The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes.” I’m taking her words to heart!

Tanya Eavenson enjoys spending time with her husband, and their three children. Her favorite pastime is grabbing a cup of coffee, eating chocolate, and reading a good book. Tanya is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Word Weavers International, and writes for Christ to the World Ministries. You can find her at her website on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Google, or on Amazon.

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