Monday, May 2, 2016

700 Posts Strong | Giveaway

Oh my, oh my, dear readers. Can you believe I've hit 700 posts on my blog (though, technically speaking, this will be post 701...). I am shocked and amazed that you've all stayed with me this long--not to mention all of the new friends I've made since starting this blog. *waves*

It began as an idea to share my random "thoughts" in this little corner of the web, hence the extremely vague title Thinking Thoughts, but it grew. Honestly, it's still growing. As I try and balance all of the things that I'm currently working on, this little guy (aka: the blog) sometimes gets neglected but I try my best to bring you news of new authors, great books, reviews, and funny (sometimes deep?) musings from my mind (when I have the time to write them). And you've been with me through it all! *sheds a few tears*

As a way to give back to you all, I thought a giveaway would be in order! I'll be running it from today until May 12 (my Dad's birthday *awe*) and I'll be including a few fun readerly things (like bookmarks from my new Etsy shop - more on this later this week), a Starbucks gift card, Amazon gift card, and maybe an additional surprise if I can think of one. 

Here are some of my favorite posts from the past:

That time I wrote about Jesus in real life

That time I wrote about Instagram for writers

That time I wrote about Rob Bell...

That time I wrote about supporting our troops

That time I wrote about true love in a 50 shades world

That time I wrote about heroes

Thank you all for being so awesome and going with my harebrained ideas, missed post times, likely typos, and general silliness. As I always say, YOU are the reason I write (on this blog as well as my books).

As part of this I want to host a Q&A for any questions you all may have (there may not be any and that's OK haha). Feel free to post and I'll answer below!

- Em
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