Friday, February 19, 2016

The Bottom Line of Social Media and Marketing for Writers

This post, extremely overdue? *Grins* But I came across a post my agent shared on the the Steve Laube agency blog and I realized I'd never really combined all of my social media and marketing posts into one place. Oops!

Better late than never right? And, I'll give you all a little the month of April I'll be doing this again! I know, you're thinking "what more could you say" but oh, the beast of social media and marketing for writers and authors is far from tapped my friends! Mark you calendars, I'll be bringing in more guests as well as giving some tips and tricks for building platform as an unpublished author.

Social Media and Marketing for Writers

1) A Look at Blogging for Writers

2) Write to the market or your heart? by Michelle Griep

3) A Look at Facebook for Writers

4) Social Media for Writers (or anyone else) by Ralene Burke

5) A Look at Twitter for Writers

6) A Look at Guest Posting for Writers

7) A Look at Instagram for Writers

8) A Look at Marketing for Writers

9) My platform helped grow my writing business by Cherie Burbach

What's your favorite post from this list?

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