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Red Sky At Morning by Steve Wilson | RE:View
Marine Lieutenant Michael Neill cuts a striking figure in Red Sky At Morning by Steve Wilson. He's a man of character, integrity, and intelligence - not to mention a handsome face that the women in his life can't seem to ignore.

His mission starts off simply enough: travel to the Soviet Union and verify nuclear disarmament. All is going well until a Russian fighter shoots down an American reconnaissance plane changing Michael's mission to one of covert investigation into Russian stealth technology.

I enjoyed Red Sky At Morning, though found the writing to be at times more cut-and-dried than I'd prefer. I enjoyed the meticulous details and the obvious knowledge that Wilson has, though would have loved to see more emotion to round out the book. Some of the relationships appeared flat due to the lack of feeling.

The only part of the book that I had a hard time with was the view points. Wilson often "jumps heads" in his writing, speaking from one characters view point and abruptly changing to another only paragraphs later. Despite the confusion this sometimes caused, I did appreciate his attempt to make these transitions as smooth as possible. I think I would have connected better with Neill had we been "in his head" more solidly.

With that said, I would still definitely recommend this book. Wilson obviously did his research extensively and the plot is entertaining and intriguing. If you enjoy military thrillers and like a book with more thinking than feeling, this is the book for you!

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When Marine Lieutenant Michael Neill is ordered to the former Soviet Union, his assignment is to verify nuclear disarmament. But before his mission begins, an American reconnaissance plane is attacked by a Russian fighter, and a Navy pilot is killed. After the incident, Neill’s mission changes.

Willis Avery, the President’s National Security Adviser, wants Lieutenant Neill to investigate Russian stealth technology, in addition to his original assignment. Photographic evidence—and the lack of radar images of the attacking aircraft—lead the American intelligence community to conclude that something new has been developed in the skies over Russia. Avery believes that Neill’s friendship with a high-ranking officer in the Ukrainian Air Force is the key to establishing Red Sky at Morning—the existence of new aviation technology that could upset the balance of power between East and West.

However, ultra-nationalist forces are at work. After arriving in Eastern Europe, Neill quickly uncovers a conspiracy of terrorism secretly instigated by the Kremlin. Government leaders in Moscow will stop at nothing to rebuild the Soviet Union as they try to force the breakaway republics back into the fold.

Neill discovers that the terrorism has extended to the weapons facility he is charged with inspecting. Communist agents have gone far beyond their original orders, and it’s a race against time as the Marine—with the help of a beautiful Ukrainian journalist—tries to stop them—and come up with a plan to bring down the corrupt government officials in Moscow.
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