Tuesday, February 18, 2020

At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work? | Review

Have you ever thought about teeth whitening? I had—for a long time. In fact, I’d considered buying those strips that people always talk about or something else you could find at any store, but I never did.

Why? Well, I think part of it was fear. I wasn’t sure what the best product would be and I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the plunge unless I knew I was going to see results.

Fast-forward to a month before my wedding last year. Alex got us both a whitening kit from Amazon and surprised me with it. Great, I thought, now I can get whiter teeth.
Uh, not quite. I tried it for a week or so and pretty much felt like I saw nothing happen. Not only was it disappointing, but it left me feeling like I had been right not to try whitening because it didn’t really work.

We got married and I kind of forgot about it in the haze of being a newlywed and figuring out life as Mrs. But then I was contacted by this awesome company I’d worked with before.

I had worked with SmileBrilliant to showcase an amazing sonic toothbrush (you can see my review here) previously and was then contacted about their teeth whitening kit. I thought: how cool! And I immediately said yes without hesitation and I did so for several reasons:

1. I trust this company. Since I’d worked with them before I knew they created quality products and I knew they weren’t just some “random” company that didn’t stand behind what they produce.

2. Their product seemed much superior to what I’d seen in stores and what we’d tried from Amazon.

3. I could tell by their reviews that their product got results.

So, I said yes and the journey began.

The whole process started out with a kit that was sent to me to create personalized impressions for MY teeth. Why is this important? Because the trays that you use to whiten your teeth fit perfectly with your teeth. It’s not some odd filmy-thing that doesn’t really conform to your teeth, it’s personalized.

The process to do this was super easy and the instructions were clear and easily understood. I popped those in the mail and only a few days later my trays arrived.

From Instagram

Then I began the whitening process.

From Instagram

The process itself was also really easy. You filled the trays with the whitening gel, let them hang out on your teeth for 45 minutes up to 3 hours (depending on where you're at in the process) then you brush your teeth and do another 15-20 minutes of their desensitizing gel which helps to keep your teeth from feeling overly sensitive.

And BOOM you’re done!

They recommended about 7-12 sessions of whitening for best results and there you go! Here's my before (top) and after (bottom):

As to my personal review: This process is awesome! I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking to professionally whiten your teeth.

I will say that, personally, I did experience some sensitivity but those over at SmileBrilliant were super helpful in troubleshooting that with me.

I also found that I started off not using enough whitening gel so my results were not as amazing at first but that was totally my fault because I wasn’t following the instructions (opps!).

Lastly, the only hard thing I found (aside from the slight sensitivity) was the fact that this takes time and I was doing it over the holidays. Another oops! It has nothing to do with the company itself or the product, just the fact that life is busy (especially over Christmas) and staying up late eating stuff doesn’t go well with having time to whiten your teeth (hehe). They recommend doing it at night (which totally makes sense) so I would try and do it and then read or write – because, perfect combination! – but then sometimes I’d find that I was really tired or didn’t start it early enough to get in a full session so I’d push it to the next day. They recommend doing it every day or every other for those 7-12 sessions and I ended up spreading it out quite a bit due to my schedule and the holidays.

In all though, the experience was really awesome! I highly recommend SmileBrilliant because they are a product that you can trust. They are professional and ready to help with any questions you have. They also create results!

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Tell me, have you whitened your teeth before? What was your experience? 

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