Saturday, August 5, 2017

Christian Speculative Fiction ebook DEALS under $6

I had such success sharing some of my favorite Christian Fiction deals that I thought I'd continue the trend with some speculative fiction. I wasn't able to attend Realm Makers this year >insert extremely sad face< so I thought I'd bring the love to the blog! Whether that be Fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, or dystopian, here are some GREAT deals you'll want to check out!

I love Jim's writing!

You cannot go wrong with ANYTHING that Ronie Kendig writes!
One of my dear friends and a FANTASTIC author, Nadine's books are like GOLD!

This sweetheart has a few on sale as well! I'm so happy becuase this series is AMAZING!

Yay for sci-fi awesomeness!
Another super talented writer:

I've long been a fan of Ted Dekker's writing. These are such great deals! (Hacker is a personal favorite):

Frank Peretti has always been a favorite of mine!
Love this lady and had the pleasure of doing her headshots!

Becuase Kerry is just so cool - and you know you need to read a book about Amish Vampires in space!
A few fantasy novellas:

This lady is the sweetest - so excited for her first novel!

Just had Deanna on the blog a few days ago. Check out her book:
I've heard nothing but great things about this series:

Mike has a powerful way of apporaching things. I think you'll find his books to be intriguing - if they are "your style":

I am just in LOVE with this cover:

J.J. is a friend of mine and I also have done his headshots! Check out his books:

I've seen this everywhere (and really need to get a copy) but now you can too!

I love this lady so much! Check out her book:

Haven't read this yet, but it looks fantastic!

Kat has a TON of awesome books but here are a sampling:

Plus this great compilation:
Definitely couldn't forget Morgan!
For the discerning sci-fi fan:

Laura is quite the prolific writer! These only scrape the surface of her writings (so check out the rest on Amazon):

Another great author with a ton of amazing books:

C.S. Johnson has a TON of amazing books. The first few are even free! If you like epic fantasy, this is your GIRL!
Here are a few others from friends that are part of the Realm Makers group!

Also, as if this wasn't enough, you can check out a bunch more books on The Crossover Alliance's page (all for $3.99 or less!).

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