Thursday, July 7, 2016

Operation Zulu Redemption by Ronie Kendig |


You've been selected to receive confidential information regarding the TOP SECRET activities of one: Ronie Kendig. Should you wish to cooperate, read below...

They never should've existed. Now they don't. 

Zulu, the first all-female special ops team, was set up to take a devastating fall. Fearing for their lives, Zulu members vanished with new identities. Isolated and haunted by their past, they are terrified of being discovered. Over the years, the brave women of Zulu have begun to hope they might be safe and the terrible tragedy forgotten. Until two of them are murdered.

It's here! I mean, really really here! The paperback version of Operation Zulu Redemption! That's right, if you didn't get the chance to read it in eBook form as it was released in episodes you can read it now in its entirety in a lovely paperback version. I am so excited to read this again!

Some of you may remember meeting Annie here on the blog or that one time I gushed about my favorite zulu warrior *blushes*. Well, let me just tell you that you will be attached to the Zulu team instantly! Operation Zulu Redemption is Ronie Kendig at her best with action, romance, and intrigue woven seamlessly together to create an adventure you will not forget.

I'm excited to offer one lucky U.S. winner the chance to experience the amazingness (yes, that's a word) that is Operation Zulu Redemption! Enter below and a special thanks to my dear friend Steffani who ended up with two copies and offered one to me to give away!

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