Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mortis by Hannah Cobb | RE:View

In Mortis, nothing is as it seems. Jane, quiet as a mouse but as deadly as a dagger, survives the trap-filled life of a sixteenth year student with her friends Willamina (Willy) and Felix. Among dangerous tests and deadly duels, Jane discovers the truth about her school that goes deeper than anything she could have imagined. It's up to her to set things right, but will "Jane-Mouse" be able to step out of the shadows and into the light to do it?

I wasn't sure what to except with Mortis. Children as assassins? Knives? Fighting? What is that all about? But, as I dove into the underground world of Mortis and Hannah Cobb's enchanting writing, I began to see more clearly.

Jane's character is at once easy to identify with and yet enigmatic enough to keep you guessing. Willy is a charming secondary character who captures your heart the moment you see a mental image of her mischievous smile. Felix is strong and has a warriors heart that draws you to him.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys young adult/teen fiction. I would classify it as a fun mix between Harry Potter and Medieval times that will satisfy readers of popular dystopian novels who enjoy a twist of fantasy and adventure.

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Book Description: 
(Description used from Hannah Cobb's website)

In an underground school rife with duels and deadly classes, Jane hides in the shadows
to stay alive. She is the invisible assassin. But as she prepares to graduate from Mortis,
Jane stumbles across secrets that reveal dark truths about her school.  
Will she embrace the darkness, or betray the school that raised her--and the boy she loves?
Once Jane sets herself against her school, there is no turning back, because in Mortis,
failure always means death.
I received a free copy of this book for review purposes, but was under no obligation to read the book or post a review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.

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