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Jamie Adams {Writer Wednesday}

Welcome Jamie Adams to Thinking Thoughts!

A little bit about Jamie...

Jamie Adams fell in love with books at an early age. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott opened her imagination and sparked a dream to be a writer. She wrote her first book as a school project in 6th grade.

A graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature as well as a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, The Writing Desk and several critique groups she spends most of her time writing, reading or learning more about the craft near to her heart.

The parents of three very active children, she and her husband live in the Ozarks surrounded by forest and wild life.

How to connect with Jamie...


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Author Interview | Jamie Adams

You and Writing
Tell us a little bit about yourself: How did you start writing?
...I began writing historical fiction over ten years ago when I stumbled onto a fan fiction site called The Writing Desk. Fans of The Big Valley, a western television show from the 1960’s, this group of writers and readers played a big part in my growth as a writer. The show was one of my favorite westerns. I was surprised to find other fans that kept the show alive by writing and sharing short stories that were like new episodes. At that time I’d written several short stories but never shared them. The group of readers encouraged me to share my talent and gave me the confidence to seriously pursue my dream of writing.

What has kept you writing?
...My mind is full of stories. I’ve always had very vivid dreams. One night when I was ten I woke up from a dream and said to myself “That was so good it could be a movie.” That’s when I started writing down my dreams.

Do you have a favorite book or work that you’ve written? If so, why?
...I’m working on a story that I’m very excited about. It’s called Emma’s Second Chance. Emma finds out her fiancé is in love with another the night before their wedding and flees from Boston to Idaho. The lawman in Idaho is suspicious of this new stranger in town. It’s like Runaway Bride meets Marshal Dillon. It’s been so much fun to write this story. I’ve had to put it aside to work on some other projects but hope to have it finished this fall.

Your Writing
Tell us a little bit about your book or what you’re working on currently? Why are you/did you write it?
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...I’m finishing up a story written with two other authors. It should be out by the time your readers read this. Each of our stories revolves around a different sister living in a real town, Mammoth Spring, AR in the 1890s. In Wishes and Whims I have the middle daughter, Cora. Of all the characters I’ve written or am working on, Cora is most like me at that age. She is a daydreamer whose fantasies sometimes distort her view of relationships. My heart goes out to her when she eventually has to face reality and finds it’s not as pretty as the pictures she paints in her mind. Of course there’s a happy ending. Funny thing about dreamers, when their dreams are broken they just latch on to a new one.

Do you have a favorite character in this work? If so, why?
...I’d have to say Cora. All of my characters have some part of me in them, but especially Cora. If I could go back and tell her what I know now, I could save her from a lot of heartache and fretting over the future.
What is one take-away from your book that you hope readers identify with?
...My life verse is Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths."
...I usually mention this verse in my books, I didn’t quote it in Wishes and Whims but the theme is there. Life can be so confusing, but when we lean on God He’ll get us where we need to be.

Where do you find inspiration for your story/characters? Are they based on real life or pure imagination or both?
...Real life inspires my characters. I’m a people watcher. To say I’m an introvert is putting it mildly. When most people are socializing I’m more comfortable sitting back and watching. I’m very empathetic. In a crowd of people, I can tell who is happy, who is sad, who wishes they weren’t there… I read people.

When you write, what is your overall intention with your stories?
...I love stories that I can get lost in. It’s my hope to take my readers away from the worries of the world and feel inspired when they return.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors for writing and/or publishing?

...Write what you like to read. When I first decided to write a book I didn’t have a plan and tried putting down words that I thought fit the popular genre of the day. Nothing came to me. I love westerns, and mail order bride stories. When I concentrate on writing the type of book I’d want to read the words come so much easier.

How do you like to celebrate the 4th of July?
...With my family. Our little community turns into a tourist town in the summer. They have a big fireworks display over the lake. It gets really crowded with traffic but we know a quite spot that has a great view of the firework show without the hassle.
How are you making the most of your time this summer for writing and relaxing? Do you do anything different in the summer months?
...My children go to school online so we spend a lot of time at home. In the summer we like to get out as much as possible. We live near a river and several lakes so there’s always something to do. I carry my laptop with me everywhere I go. 
Thank you for joining us here at Thinking Thoughts, Jamie! I find it interesting how many authors I talk to who have vivid dreams as a way to create some of their writing! I know that's happened to me as well. And Proverbs 3:5-6 is one of my favorite passages as well! I always repeat it to myself, especially when I'm tempted to not trust the Lord! Hope your summer is full and blessed with great opportunities and time with your family!

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