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After the Rain by Brandy Bruce | Re:View

What happens when you've lost the love of your life? You start over, right? Well, that's what Deb does in Brandy Bruce's sweet novel, After the Rain.

I have yet to read the previous book, The Last Summer, but I believe it is a bit of a "prequel" or so to this book. That being said, I didn't feel like I missed anything by not having read it yet. (Believe me, it's on my list to read soon!).

Anyway, I hoped into this story without much of a background or understanding (how I prefer to start books) and was captivated, and a little saddened, by Deb. She is real, honest, and raw, and I LOVE that about her. This truly is a story that shows her character growth and I really enjoyed that.

Then enter BEN. *Sigh* Hello Colorado man with long hair and musical skills. (Though I'm thankful to have my own Colorado Man, thank you very much, even if he doesn't have the "musical skills" hehe). He's your average rock star without the 'start' attitude and I really liked that about him. I also LOVED that he had a past. That may sound weird, but I'm a lot a little over characters in Christian books being so sparkling clean that you can't identify with them.

As for the story itself, it pulled me in in the way that Brandy has with her writing. I saw it first in Looks Like Love, and am really growing to love how conversational of a style it is. It makes you feel like you and her main character are best friends and you're walking her story with her.

Without any spoilers, I'll say that this was a super sweet but emotionally involved read. Things don't just instantly get better (like real life) and there is a believable tug of war going on between who Deb was, who she is, and who she's becoming. It's a beautiful, slightly complex, but ultimately fulfilling journey!

I recommend it to those who like sweet romance, Christian fiction, and stories that have emotional tension.

My rating: 4*
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After the Rain 

by Brandy Bruce

Debra Hart is moving on. Maybe. Hopefully. One day.

As a radio show host, Debra spends her mornings as Miss Lonely Heart on air, empathizing with all the broken hearts in the Denver metro area. She spends her evenings watching old musicals and trying not to think about the guy who broke up with her and subsequently fell in love with one of her best friends. Alone in a new city, Debra questions where she belongs and who she is now.

When she stumbles into the indie music scene, Debra meets singer Ben Price. Rock star appeal, with a day job as a worship pastor, Ben is everything Debra wants to avoid. But he’s determined to be her friend, and it so happens she could really use one. Because try as she might, nothing seems to erase the anger and betrayal she feels.

It’s time for a new dream. But how does she start over when the pieces of her broken past remain lodged in her heart?

I received this book for free but was under no obligation to post a review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.

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