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Accelerant by Ronie Kendig | RE:View

A fiery tale of romance, deception, and duty. Ronie Kendig's second fantasy book, Accelerant, is as hot as they come!


I seriously loved Accelerant. Don't get me wrong, I loved Embers too, but I felt even more involved in this second book--the stakes were higher, the plot complex, and the subplots the perfect accent to an already thrilling story.

To me, this book was a combination of Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Hunger Games, and Ronie Kendig's classic, fast-paced and vibrant writing. From the moment I jumped into Accelerant, I felt the characters come alive on the page. It had been a while since I read Embers, but I remembered where'd I'd left off and was excited to see where this book was going to go. The fantasy world that Ronie creates is completely immersive, drawing you in until you forget that you aren't a character in the story. Wait...I'm not best friends with Thiel? Oops...

**I suppose there could be slight spoilers to anyone who has not read book 2 (they are in the description as well) BUT I will not spoil Accelerant - I promise!**

I love the unique reality that Haegan is marked as the Fierian (the spoiler for book 1). The tagline says it all: "He'll destroy the world. But first he has to save it." The reality that Haegan - a kind, sweet man - is named as the "destroyer" and yet savior of the Kingdom is so deliciously complex. Feel all the tension! Multiple times I found myself lamenting with him over that fact, and yet wondering what else is going to happen. Is the prophecy correct? What does being the Fierian really mean? How will Haegan deal with that?

Ronie has done such a brilliant job with intertwining stories in Accelerant as well. I absolutely loved the story line involving Aselan, Kaelyria, and the Eilidan people. That juxtaposed with Tili and Thiel and wondering about what is going on with Sir Gwogh has me DYING to know what is going to happen in book 3. Is it out yet? (*wink*)

I cannot recommend this book enough. The story line will pull you in, turning pages late into the night, just to find out what happens. If you're a fan of fantasy (or really just good fiction) I think this will be a breath of fresh air for you. Ronie's style is so unique and her plot lines complex and thrilling. Do yourself a favor and get these amazing books!

My rating: 5*
Purchase: Accelerant (book 2)
Purchase: Embers (book 1)

Book Description
(from Amazon)

He'll destroy the world. But first he has to save it.

The Nine Kingdoms bleed. Leaderless, ravaged, the land awaits deliverance from Poired Dyrth's devastating campaign. But what if one blight can only be cleansed by another?

The promised Fierian is known by many names. Judge. Destroyer. Scourge. And now one other: Haegan, Prince of Seultrie. Once a cripple, now a gifted Accelerant, Haegan can no longer run from the truth. But neither can he be reconciled to it. He knows only one thing for certain: as the only able-bodied heir to the Fire Throne, he must return to the Nine and fight for his people.

But there are insidious forces at work. When reality itself falls into question, Haegan struggles to know where to fight, whom to trust. Caught between duty to his country and duty to the world, Haegan must see clearly enough to choose the right path to save the world.

I received this book for free but was under no obligation to post a review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.

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