Monday, November 10, 2014

NaNoWriMo Motivation: Get Creative (part 2)

We talked about this a little in my NaNoWiMo Prep series (you can find the post here) but I think it should be repeated now, in the thick of Nano-goodness.

Remember why you're writing

You are uniquely gifted to tell your story. You. No one else. We all have life experiences, trials, successes, failures - you name it - but they all shape us. I'm just writing a fictional novel, you may say. Well, that's okay, so am I. That doesn't lesson the fact that God has given me (and you) the ability to voice thoughts and feelings into your characters. We never know who will read our books, but we do know that our responsibility to write is to God and ourselves.

Remember who you're writing with 


I've talked about this numerous times - but you are not alone in this writing world. Sure, you may write alone (I tend to do my best work in a room by myself because, let's be honest, I make some funny faces and talk to myself when I write), but you are not alone. There's a difference. Utilize your friends and writing buddies but at this point in Nano, use them for support not critique. You're not there yet and that's totally okay! Remind them they are your cheerleaders, helping you make it to November 30th alive and 50,000 words richer.

Remember to take breaks

What? Take a break? Yeah right, like I have time for that. do. Maybe not a lot of time, but you definitely can use a 10 minute walk or 15 minutes lying on the ground wondering what just happened in the scene you wrote. Taking a break will actually help you. It will let things settle down in your mind and come into focus. I usually run in the mornings to help relieve stress but also to think through new plot ideas. This time is crucial!

Remember to love

Um, what? Yeah, this kind of comes out of left field but hear me out [and no, this advice does not only apply to those writing romance].

This is an epic labor of love. Writing a novel takes more out of person than most understand. Even if you write and don't anticipate for anyone to see it--ever--it doesn't matter. It still contains a part of you. Therefore, love what you're doing, even when you don't "like" it sometimes.

**Nano update--how are you guys doing? Crushing goals, or getting crushed?**

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