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Laura Jackson {Writer Wednesday}

A little bit about Laura...

Laura Jackson loves books---reading and writing them. A life-long reader, Laura studied English in college and taught 7th grade language arts before earning her Master's degree and becoming a school librarian. Now, she spends her days sharing great books with kids and her evenings writing books about teenage girls discovering God and His plan for their lives.

How to connect with Laura...

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Author Interview | Laura Jackson

You and Writing

Tell us a little bit about yourself: How did you start writing? What has kept you writing?
...I taught middle school writing for eight years, and I loved it. I’d write with my students, and I enjoyed the writing process so much. When I became a librarian four years ago, I missed writing. So, I sat down and started a story. The first one was so horrible that I never finished it. Worth the Wait is my second attempt.

What was the hardest thing about publishing? The easiest? ...The editing was hard! I’ve never seen so much red. I improved as a writer through it, so I’m thankful for that.

 Your Writing

Do you have a favorite character in this book? If so, why?
...I love Josh. I think there are guys (both teens and adults) out there who love Jesus, but they often get overlooked. In fact, a while back, I was debating whether I had made Josh too good of a guy. After all, what teenage boy loves Jesus that much? Then, I went to church and happened to see a teenage boy near me, who had his eyes closed and his hands lifted as he sang. He was on a row full of other teens, but that boy was focused on Jesus. So, girls, take heart—there are guys like Josh out there, and I’m praying you find one in God’s timing.
What is one take-away from your book that you hope readers identify with?
...I hope readers identify with the theme of waiting. Whether we’re waiting on a publishing contract, a husband, a child, a promotion, a loved one’s salvation, the pain of waiting, especially when God seems silent, is so hard. But, His plan is always worth the wait.


Where do you find inspiration for your story/characters? Are they based on real life or pure imagination or both?
...Both. In Worth the Wait, Ellie and her friends go on a mission trip. I modeled it after a mission trip to an orphanage that I went on.
...In the book I’m writing now, the main character is doing community service, so I have her working at a mission much like the one my church runs.

When you write, what is your overall intention with your stories?
...I love to read YA books. I’ve read so many amazing stories about teen girls finding out who they are and falling in love for the first time, yet so many leave out the most important part of finding yourself. Jesus. So, my goal in writing (other than to tell a great story) is to remind girls of the most important love of their lives—the one who created them and died for their sins.


Would you prefer chocolates or flowers on Valentine’s Day??
...Can a girl get both?

On Valentines Day would you rather stay in or go out?
...Valentine’s Day is such a big holiday that anywhere you go is crowded. So, I’d rather stay home.

Describe your ideal date.
...I can’t tell you…it might end up in my next novel, and I want it to be a surprise. Ha! Actually, I’ve been single a while, so any date would be good. :)

Thank you so much for the interview, Laura! I love your description of your character Josh. I had a conversation the other night with a friend and he'd mentioned that when he first came to know the Lord he was "all out" for Christ (treating getting to know Christ as if he were training for a sport) and people told him to "calm down" - as if you can love the Lord too much!

I love your intention with your stories and how your focus is on Jesus! Amen :) And can I also so say AMEN to flowers and chocolates on Valentines Day? (hehe)  And I know what you mean about your "ideal date". I'm a pretty low maintenance type of girl so any date would be fun! Loved hearing from you Laura and I hope to hear more about your coming novels. 

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