Tuesday, March 31, 2020

USA Made Wooden Earrings | RE:View

Friends!! Booknerd alert! Check out these AWESOME earrings gifted to me from Whitl Woodworking 😍 Don’t they go perfectly with Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardougo??

First off, I was torn because they have both a dark wood version of this and then the light. I almost opted for the dark (as it’s my favorite type of wood) BUT then I saw an image of a girl with hair a similar color to mine wearing the light ones and that was all it took to change my mind. And I’m so glad I did!

These earrings look awesome and their lighter color stands out against my darker hair! They are a good length, hitting a few inches above my collar bone, and they are super lightweight. That is such a relief because you probably know how awful heavy earrings can feel on your ears (not good!).

Another aspect I love about these earrings is
that they are made of WOOD! Yes! Compeltely made of wood (well, aside from the hook of course) and they are a really great quality. No rough edges that could catch on fabric or skin and they have a nice sheen to them (not glossy, just covered so you don’t worry about them being porous or something.

Lastly, and one of my favoirte parts about these earrings? They are made right here in the USA! I love to be able to support small business and especially those that are “local” to the US when possible.

I've had a really great experience working with this company - they have really fast shipping and their packaging was super cute too! If you're interested in picking up a pair of these earrings, check them out here:  
If you want to look at the other earrings they offer (and they have some really great ones) check those out here:

Do you have any earrings that are fandom-based? Tell me below!

Thanks to Whitl Woodworking for gifting me these earrings! I was under no obligation to provide a positive review and do so at my own choosing. 

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