Monday, April 1, 2013

Fooled on April Fools?

I have often wondered if any April Fools jokes have turned into some tragic story like The Boy Who Cried Wolf or something? I mean, there are only so many things you can joke about before someone remembers it's April 1st and decides it's a joke.  What if, in a rare and possibly terrible happening, you did fall and break your leg after you had been standing on a chair with one foot while balancing a bowl of water with a fish in it as you were singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

No, that example didn't come from real life - though I wouldn't put it past me.
You have the typical April Fools jokes like: "I'm pregnant" or "we're dating" or "you won a car".  Then the not-so-typical yet incredibly through ones such as the Gmail Blue or the thought provoking and hilarious Google Nose. Then there's the disturbing American Eagle Skinny Skinny Jeans (I'll spare you the link on this one) - both funny and a little creepy. 

We're you fooled this Aprils Fools?  I'd love to hear about it... leave a comment below and I'll send you $1000.


April Fools ;)


  1. Hi Emilie, remember me? You sent me a questionnaire for this blog last month. Well I finally stopped procrastinating and got it done, but I lost your email to send it back to you. So, if you'd be so kind to send me your email so I can complete this in time for you it would be greatly appreciated," he said wiping egg off his face.
    Wade Webster

    1. Hi Wade! I do remember you :) I've sent you my email address through Facebook - let me know if that doesn't work. Thanks!